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Related post: Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 08:20:59 +0000 From: Mike M Subject: Revelation Series: Revelation - 5The usual disclaimers apply!Well, I'm back! Any comments, questions, compliments, criticisms, suggestions, dreamwiz sandra board pthc etc. welcome and can be sent to: safploverhotmail.com Please tell me what you think, I don't bite. Hope As our eyes locked onto each other's gaze, I noticed for the free pre-teen sex first time the look of desire in Chris' eyes. It felt like an eternity as he lightly pressed his lips to mine. It, however, was quick - he was testing the waters. The beating of my heart ran like there was no tomorrow as a burst of adrenaline permeated through my body, but at the same time I felt my legs weaken. The temperature rose to monumental heights and the sensations that rippled through my body were ones that were foreign to me. I pulled away a little, taken aback by these newfound feelings. As I stood there, trying to fathom and digest these sensations, Chris brought his body near me. "Ah.... Ch-Chris ..." I tried to say, but he just held his finger up to my lips and then gently guided my face with his hands to plant another kiss. This kiss was more intense. His arms found their way around my back and they very young pre-teen sex were now caressing every inch of it. At first I was a little hesitant, but then I put my arms around him and began reciprocating his actions. He brought one hand up to the back of my neck and then he gently moved his fingers through my hair, causing electric currents to run through my body. His other hand was free pre-teen porn movies moving pre-teen trailer downward until a couple of his fingers was just on the inside of the waistband of my pants and rubbed them along to give that effect of anticipation as to what was to come. He free pthc little girl finally broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, searching for something. Neither one of us man pre-teen girl sex spoke a word but the Tiny pre-teen models tgp anticipation was high in the air. He reached out and gently took pthc vicki my hand and locked his fingers with mine as he led me to his bedroom. As we were beside the bed, Chris put his ear on my chest, listening to the beating pre-teen thong modeling of my heart. He must have sensed the hastened rhythm as he moved his head away from pre-teen xxx videos my chest and looked at me in the eyes forum pthc models with such care and comfort, and soothingly said, "It's ok, trust me alright?" young pre-teens sex pictures "Chr-Chris, pthc download vid I-I" And once again he put his finger up to my lips and then pulls me into a tight hug. He starts kissing me on the neck just below my right ear while he reaches around to my back and puts his hands under my shirt and begins to work his hands up my bare back. I was doing my pthc cgi forum own exploring with my slightly shaking hands as the beating of my heart reached a new level of speed not known to me before. As he worked his way around my neck, he stopped to kiss me full on the lips, with such passion and desire, I almost lost hold of reality. He slightly separated his lips and pushed his tongue onto my hesitant lips, trying to gain entrance into my mouth. Finally, I parted my lips slightly and he shot his tongue into mouth and livedoor imageboard pthc we immediately began to massage each other's tongue and explore each other's mouth. After what seemed like a lifetime of bliss, he pulled away and continued to kiss me on the neck until he was just under my left ear. "Your so hot I can't stand it anymore," Chris breathily whispered into my ear with that sexy voice of his. At this point I began to kiss him on this neck as well. He broke the tight hug and ripped my shirt off. At this point, there was no turning back as we were now in an animalistic level of lust, desire, and passion. I rip pre-teen childs models his shirt off as well. I put my arms on his shoulders looking into his eyes intently as we fell on the bed with him on top of me. He began pthc ariel to kiss me on the lips with unmatched passion as he ran his hand down to my pants and began magic nudes pre-teen to rub my hard cock through the fabric. I started to squirm, pre-teen sex pictures free but he held me tight as he worked his way down my neck onto my chest. He began to lick and gently bite one of my nipples, as his hand began to caress and squeeze my other nipple. The feeling was so intense, I felt as if I was being struck by lightning time and time again while I writhed in pleasure. With unrivaled dexterity, he had unbuttoned my free pre-teen sex pics jeans with just little effort. His thumb was rubbing my cock of steel while he unzipped my pants and the sudden movement down the underside of my cock was too much. I was screaming in pleasure, "Aww Chris, Ch-Chris, Oh God AHH!" and my body was beginning to stiffen. As my body was about to go into overload he sensed it and stopped. He slowly took his hand off of my pants and cock and he slides back up to my face, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and whispers, "Not yet..." with a slight giggle to his voice, pre-teen russia knowing what top pthc sties kind of agony he was putting me in. He then stuck his tongue in my ear and nibbled on my earlobe. As he felt my body relax pre-teen sex fantasies he planted a light kiss on my lips, to which I hungrily returned. He slid back down and resumed his nipple torture. His other hand made it's way back down to my hungry-yet-filled cock and lightly began to squeeze and jerk it through my boxers. Once again I was getting close, but he refrained from his nipple torture and moved on to my belly button. He blew on it and flicked his tongue to it, sending a shiver throughout my body. Straddling my stomach, he leaned over and caressed my stomach and my chest lovingly, charging electric currents through my body. young pre-teen sex movies He lowered himself onto my face and kissed me full on the lips. This was a gentle and loving kiss, but breathtaking nonetheless. His tongue glided over my lower lip as he parted both lips and our tongues met as they entered each other's mouth. A low moan escaped from both of us as our kiss grew more passionate. He finally pyccekc pthc broke the kiss, pulls away, and pre-teens wearing panties smiles his killer smile. He moved back down and slips my pants down, with a pre-teen girl pussy bit of help from me, and then reaches back and pulls both of my shoes off. He hurled one of my shoes and it hit the stereo causing it to jump to life as the shoe hit the power button. The other shoe hit the light switch and plunged the room into darkness except for brazilian pre-teen the soft glow of the florescent display on the stereo that softly illuminated both of our bodies. He smiled, thinking 'What a lucky hit!' He then quickly finishes pulling my pants, thailand pre-teen models socks and boxers shorts off then he quickly takes his own shoes, pants, socks and boxers shorts off as well. In the background the stereo could be heard as the station identification just finished and the soft sexy voice of the DJ came on and said "This is Paula pre-teen bondage Jenkins with you throughout the night rockin' your world and this next song is dedicated to those who are feeling lost and lonely... Firehouse ... 'Hold the Dream'" and then the music began to play. As Chris lowered himself back down over me he slid his hands on top of my nipples, taking them in between his thumbs and forefingers and lightly squeezed and twisted them causing me to moan. He once again kissed me full on the lips as our hard cocks pressed against each other. He lowered himself down to my hardness and a low moan of ecstasy escaped my mouth as he gently stroked it on the underside. He started to lick my nuts and then took each one of them into his mouth and worked his tongue around each of them. He then proceeded to lick the underside of my cock up to the tip of the head and then licked the piss-slit. He lowered his mouth around my cock and slowly moved his tongue around the head. I placed my hands on the sides of his head and I started to fuck his mouth. tiny pre-teens cp I was getting real close and he must have sensed it because he pulled off of my cock and slid back up my body and started to kiss me as we wrapped our arms around each other. He started to kiss my neck just below my ear and said softly, "Hold the Dream, Mike. Don't ever let it go." I smiled and nodded. I felt so overwhelmed at what Chris had just said to me. I realized that this was a dream materializing into reality and he was the one making it happen. I caught him off guard as he found himself on his back with me now on top. After I nibbled on his earlobe for a few seconds I kissed him full on the lips with as much passion as his kisses earlier. Our tongues shot past one another and moved around in each other's mouth. I broke the kiss pre-teen-hairy and then slid down his body and attempted to give him his trademark nipple torture, licking around nipple as my other hand squeezed his other nipple until it was erect and a low moan emanated from his lips. I continued to lick then suck on the nipple for a few more seconds and then moved to the other nipple to do the same, rewarded yet again by another tiny pre-teen little cunt moan. I slid down to his belly button and shot my tongue in the same way he did to me. My hand slowly began the descent to his hard member and when I reached it, I began to stroke it slowly, causing him to pre-teen nude models only shout out in pleasure. I took his nuts into my mouth one at a time and rolled them around and then took as much of his big cock as I could. He started to fuck my face as I did earlier to his. When his body started to tense up I pulled off the same way he had done to me and then I slid back up to his face and gave him a kiss. With a smile on his face after the kiss I turned myself around in the nude pre-teen girl porn '69 position and took his cock back in my mouth and he took mine back in his mouth as well. As we worked each other for several minutes, we felt ourselves reach the point where all of the tension, pleasure, and lust are released and we started to shoot powerful, endless streams of cum down each other's throat. "Wow that was the most amazing thing ever!" I suddenly exclaimed. "It sure was for me, too! I never came that hard before!" he confessed. We both milked pre-teen slut pics one another of our boy juice and rested for a while as we wallowed in the relaxing afterglow of our lust. After a while, I turned back around and gave him a loving and gentle kiss on the lips as he drifted off to sleep. "I love you pthc cvideo Chris." I laid my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. I didn't even know if he heard me. The sunlight knocked on my eyelids as its beams bathed the room in golden luster. I opened my eyes and was greeted by the sight of a sexy boy next to me glowing in gold. I smiled to myself as I remembered the activities of last night. The pre-teens pornography gallery chirping birds sang their songs as beautifully as biz bbs pthc an opera diva delivers her arias. The warmth of the morning sun wrapped our bodies in a comforting shield. Today was going to be a warm day in winter. The beautiful boy next to me began to stir, but didn't quite wake up. I looked at the clock on the nightstand and it read 7:00 am. School started at eight. I decided to wake the sexy body next to me so we could have enough time for a good breakfast. portal pthc I took his soft cock and started to gently stroke it. After it was half hard, I took it in my mouth and started to lick around it and suck it. As donwload pthc it came to it's full hardness, Chris finally woke up moaning. "Wow, this certainly beats being woken up by an alarm clock!" he said. I forum pthc stopped my sucking and suddenly started to get up. The look on Chris' face was priceless! It looked as though he was about to cry so I quickly came over to him and hugged him. "I want us to have an extended, special breakfast, so we can't be doing much of anything since school starts at eight," I said, trying to calm him down and convince him. "Ok, but I have to take a shower first. Why don't you take one with me?" he asked, rather begging. "Ok sure! I've never showered with anyone before!" And off we went to the shower. The stream of warm water flowed over our bodies, both lost in deep thought about what occurred last night. Chris began to soap up my back and then he reached pthc fucking sexy around and pulled me close and started to soap up my chest and his hard cock now rested in between my ass cheeks. He began to lightly kiss me on the neck and worked his right hand down to my hard cock while his left hand lightly glided over my chest as he took one of my nipples in between his thumb and forefingers and lightly squeezed it until it was hard. He did the same to the other as I leaned my head back into his shoulder. He then began to soap up my pthc hussyfa hard cock and then starts to slowly stroke it. I pushed back into his hard cock and as he picked up his pace I pushed and grinded my ass against his hard cock. He slowed his pace down as he felt my body start to tense up and he turned me around under the stream of water and washed the soap off. I was treated pthc storyboard to another one of his world famous kisses of passion. When he broke the kiss he lowered himself down and took me into his mouth. He slowly moved pre-teen model russia his tongue around the head as I let out a soft moan. He lowered himself all the way down on my cock and I began to fuck his face as I held his head and ran my fingers through his hair. pthc fun It was over all to soon as I went over the edge and screamed in the midst of ecstasy and shot stream after stream of hot cum down his throat. I began to slide down the wall of the shower, but he held me in his arms and kissed me on the lips lightly. "That was so ... so intense ... so ... incredible," I cute pre-teens models managed to croak out in my afterglow. Chris smiled pre-teen ru pics and kissed me lightly on the cheek and began to stand up and turn the shower off. He was once again pthc kids sex taken by surprise as I pushed my body through his legs, knocking him off balance causing him to grab for the shower door and I turned my body so his butt was on my chest. I took him into my mouth and began working on him and he was struggling not to fall but I had my arms wrapped around his waist with my hands on each butt cheek guiding him into a humping motion. He had a look of shear surprise that soon transformed into a look of pure bliss as he closed his eyes while trying to stay away from the point of no return. However, I quickened my pace on him and it wasn't long before he reached his limit and his body started thrashing about. I tried to move the rest of my body between his legs but it was too late as pre-teen sexy girls he began to shoot his load into my mouth. He lost his hold of the shower door and fell to the floor on top of me, causing me to fall on my back hard explicit pthc against the shower floor. As we both fell to the floor warez ranchi pthc of the shower I lost hold of his cock and it popped out of my mouth and a shot of cum landed on the side of my face and another on my forehead and in sexy pre-teen girl ass my hair. Chris leaned up against the wall of the shower while still sitting on my chest and looked down at my face and started laughing his ass off. He then closed his eyes for a few moments and rested as our heart rates dropped and then he opened his eyes and took his finger and wiped up some of his cum from my face and tasted it. "Oh my god. That was so awesome!" he said. He began to stand a bbs pthc dreams gays little and I tried to get up but Chris put his hand on my chest and pushed me back down then leans over and takes his tongue and starts to lick his cum off of my face. When he finished his breakfast, he kissed me full on the lips and shoots his tongue in and I was able to taste some of his cum that remained in his mouth. He finally pre-teen photo blog broke the kiss and stood up holding his hand out for me so I took a hold of his hand and stood back up. As Chris saw me reach to my back and rub it a little, Chris said with an evil smile "Hmm, Um that may be worth a back rub later!" and winks at me. "Oh, you better give me more than a art pre-teen erotic back rub!" I responded commandingly. We finished washing each other and dried each other off and returned to Chris's room. The room was now bright as the sun has risen higher up the sky and its light was now pthc colombia stronger and sharper. I looked at the clock and it read 7:38. 'Oh man, that little shit tricked me into continuing my pre-teenie models little sex wake up call! Oh sven's list pthc nude well, the breakfast will have to wait another day!' I thought to myself. "It looks like that breakfast isn't gonna happen now is it?" pthc subscription pics bbs I said, feigning anger. "Sorry, but I just couldn't help but have more of you," he pleaded. "Fine, at least you already had your breakfast," I joked as I winked at him. "Yup! And it was the best breakfast I've ever had!" So we ended up eating those cereal bars and gulping down some orange juice. And then we left for school in his car. The drive russian boy pthc free was very awkwardly silent. We didn't know what to say to each other. pre-teen nudist naturists Well, I knew what I wanted to say. 'Chris, I love you.' But I couldn't bring myself to say it. It looked like he wanted to say something, as well, but it seemed that he couldn't quite say it. It seems like the meaning of pthc fuck my kid last pthc non nude night's events finally sunk in and we didn't know how to talk about it or how to handle it. Questions just kept emerging in my head. Are we boyfriends? Does he feel the same way about me? What are we pre-teen fucking with man going to do when his parents get back? And many more questions came, but I pre-teen nudist decided I would talk to him about them later and I should enjoy this bliss for now. Being in love in a world full of hate, rejection, and bigotry is not the easiest thing in the world, and sometimes that love does not even survive. Why then do they say love conquers all? We finally arrived at school and said we'd meet each other by his car livedoor cp pthc aaa after school. We ran to our lockers as quickly as we could and grabbed the things that we needed and then ran to our classes as we had about only a minute until the tardy bell rang. I dodged the glances, the stares, the whispers, the non-nude pre-teen girls dirty looks, and the insults as I ran through the halls. Nothing was going to get me down today. I was in love! I barely got through my first two classes as my mind was somewhere in a realm of happiness and love. I didn't even give notice to Spencer at all. As it was the first break of the day, I found a bench where I could sit, relax, and think. People were staring at me, giving me pthc lola tgp dirty looks, talking about me, and verbally insulting me. But I could have cared less about all of it. I pre-teens modeling swimsuits pthc sitios looked at the people around me and I suddenly felt sorry for these people. Most of them walk on this world trying to be someone pthc first orgasm else, trying to hide the true person within. I was once like these people, but accidentally, my disguise was shattered and suddenly I was a different person. Even under this pain and hardship I was in, at least I didn't have to pretend anymore; I didn't have to conjure up excuses to be someone else. I am who I really am. I've long ago accepted that, it's just that other people can't seem to accept it. Why? A tapping on my shoulder interrupted the solace of my deep reverie. I looked to see who it was. "Hey," Jennifer greeted, along with Brian. "Hey, what's up?" I asked, surprised that they've suddenly shown up. "Um, can we talk to you?" asked Brian hesitantly as if afraid I was going to bite his head off. "Uh, yeah, sure!" "We just wanted to let you know that we're sorry for the way we acted yesterday when we found out. And we also wanted to tell you that we're ok with you being pthc clubs gay and all, well, at least me and Brian are," explained Sarah. I was overjoyed as I heard those words. I felt like crying, but I dared not do it in front of everyone. "Yeah dude! We here for ya, alright?" chimed in Brian. I just lost it. My emotions of happiness flowed out of me in the form of tears. I hugged both of them at the same time in the tightest hug I've ever given to anyone. "Thanks guys for understanding! You don't know how much this means to me!" I managed to say through my sobbing. The bell rang, signaling the end of the break and the beginning of the journey to our next classes. We all said our good-byes and said we'd see each other at lunch. On my way to my English class, I felt a renewed sense of determination, courage, and happiness. Two of my closest friends came back. The teacher announced at the beginning of class that we had a pop quiz. Of course we all grumbled and complained, but our dictatorial teacher wouldn't have any of dark side pthc it. We've been studying the mechanics of Shakespearean sonnets so of course, the quiz was for us to construct a Shakespearean sonnet of our own, using iambic pentameter, the proper rhyming pattern, pthc sex vids pics and the proper format. Even I didn't like quizzes like these. We had a two hour class period today because of block schedule so we had plenty of time. I started to think of possible topics to write about. A sudden surge of inspiration hit me and caused me to start thinking about all of the events from last night with Chris, to my friends' reconciliation just a few minutes ago. I thought that there will always be something good in the most difficult, heaviest, darkest, most painful situations. Nothing is too bad to give up on. There is always hope. So I wrote my sonnet on hope. pre-teen porn videos 'This is for all of those who are lost, hurting, challenged by obstacles, victims of society, destitute, and desolate,' I thought pre-teen nude galleries to free pre-teen webcam photos myself pixportals pthc as I began to write. Hope Does not a beacon gleam above the clouds, Expecting all to reach relentlessly? The light that shines below the darkness' shrouds Is Leading Hope that guides us ceaselessly. The fires of malice are from hell derived; In cinders one turns when those flames expel. But hope has strength from heaven amplified; It raises all to heights none can excel. As storms unravel on the bluest skies And winds of ruin break serenity, Sunlight awaits as darkness surely dies. A underage cp pre-teen rainbow forms, dark collections cp pre-teen an awesome entity. A lot of times will hope in weakness be; Dispose it not, for death it will ne'er see. I hoped that people would never give up. Some challenges do cost us our lives, but we should die trying. It is better to die trying than to be pushed deeper into hardship by giving up. Far too many people just don't survive through this harsh world, but that should signal a sense of perseverance for the rest of the people. And if we all just try and persevere, we will survive and change this world. There was still about ten minutes left until class was finished. So I just sat there thinking about nothing in particular. Then a student aide from the office brought a paper over to the teacher, which obviously was for me as the teacher called me up. "You're wanted in the office. Just turn in your sonnet to me. legal non-nude pre-teens Take your stuff with you," Ms. Johnston said to me, uninterested. So I turned in my sonnet, packed my stuff, and left. What could I have done? I've never been in the office for getting in trouble. Could have been knocking that trash can down and spilling everything on the floor? No it can't be, it would be stupid to punish me for that. But then again, schools seem to look for any excuse to punish its students. I was getting nervous. The air was thick and cold. I felt as if a hard, cold steel had suddenly been able to wrap itself around my body, constricting me in the confines of its grip. When I got to the office, I was shocked to see my mother sitting in the waiting benches. She looked up at me. Her eyes were bloodshot, wary and full of pain, and yet they were empty, just two spherical figures resting in hear head. "Mom, what are you doing here?" I asked, not knowing what else to say. "Come with me," was all she said. However, her voice was empty, emotionless, and it seemed as if it had been strained out of her throat. In the car, the silence was so thick even the sound of our breathing couldn't penetrate through it. It was truly the sound of silence. It was also very awkward for me because just last night we had that whole coming out party and it seemed like nothing had happened for her. Finally the silence and waiting was too much for me. "What's going on, Mom?" No response. "Mom, is everything ok? What's wrong?" Still silent. Finally we arrived at our house and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. What the hell is she doing bringing me here? What if my dad is home? I can't do this! "Don't worry Mike, your dad isn't here," she said japanese pre-teen as if she was able to read my mind. "And he won't be pthc pthc sex here anymore," she continued as she started to cry. She put her head down on the steering wheel as the tears overflowed steadily. "He killed himself, Mike!!! KILLED HIMSELF WITH A GUN!!!" she suddenly young pre-teen girl models yelled through her cries. "Oh my God! Mom!!! Are... what... he...." I just couldn't form anything from my mouth. How could he kill himself? I loved my dad very german kid nude pre-teen much and my love for him didn't diminish even after rejecting me and trying to hurt me after he found out about me. I started crying as well. The world came tumbling down and suddenly all of the happiness I've been experiencing today was crushed as the weight imposed itself on us. I guided my mom out of the car and into the house. We sat on the sofa and cried on each other just letting it all out. After about ten minutes, we stopped crying and we just sat there in silence. "I'll fix us something to eat and then we can talk zoo sex pthc pedo about it more, ok?" "Ok Mom." While she was in the kitchen, sexy naked pre-teen girls I made a phone call to pre-teen getting ed Chris' cell phone. I knew they would be in their lunch break so I pre-teen girl having sex didn't have to worry about getting him trouble for interrupting class with a ringing sell phone. "Hey Chris, look, I can't meet you by the car after school like we talked about. ******? Yeah, I'm ok. I'll talk about it later alright? ********! Ok, you too! **! Bye!" And that was the end of our conversation. voodooboard pthc When I came back down to the kitchen, I saw my mom cutting some lettuce and ham for the sandwiches she was making. "It's all your fault," she suddenly said, her voice full of anguish and malice. "What?" I asked, nonplussed at her sudden declaration. "It's all your fucking fault!!! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, IT'S ALLYOUR FAULT!!!!!" she suddenly started to scream out at the top of her lungs. "It's all your fault. If you hadn't been gay, your father wouldn't have killed himself. He couldn't live with the fact that he had a gay son so he just killed himself. Why are you so cruel to us? We've given you all we could and this is how you repay hairy pthc us? Because of you, your father is dead!!!! IT'S YOUR FAULT...." And she kept going on and on and on. I knew she'd lost her mind. It has been a psychological trauma for her for the last few hours and last night. And her mind has finally given. She was not well. But I couldn't listen to her anymore so I stormed out pre-teen modiels of the house. I suddenly found myself in the park where some kids in the distance played in the slides and swings. The sun was setting and the air was beginning to feel cooler. The soft glow of orange painted the sky as clouds began to drift in, a sign that winter normality was returning. I sat down on a bench made free pre-teen schoolgirl galleries of wood - wood that was once a tree full of life. It's a wonder how life can pass by so pthc e quickly and yet even when it's over, it's legacies live on. I sat there thinking about the death of my father. I still loved both of my parents as much as I always have. If they can't love me, then that's there loss. I started to cry softly to myself. A gentle breeze caressed my face as if it were a hand trying to dry away my tears. This sudden occurrence comforted me and I stopped crying. At least Mother Nature loves me no matter what. I stood up and then a strong wind collided with my body. It was as if nature was telling me to pthc top free go on and be strong. I started to go in the direction of Chris' house. At least there, I could find comfort, love, and happiness. But as I walked on, I remembered that no matter how hard it gets, there is hope. To pre-teen top 100 nn be continued.... Well, that was a really long break wasn't it? Well, I finally found the inspiration to continue writing again. So what did you think? I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged me to continue writing this story! And a big, special thank you to Andy for helping me so much with this chapter and for being such a wonderful friend!!! *HUGS* Please e-mail me for any comments, questions, suggestions, compliments, image board pthc smiley criticisms, etc. at: safploverhotmail.com All are welcome to e-mail me and I would love it if you do and I do reply to every e-mail I get. Stay tuned! Take care!!!Later, Mike
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